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Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked Sweet Potatoes (Prepared)


1 min


1 hr




3 - pink-skinned sweet potatoes, about 1 pound each
6 tablespoons butter, sliced
black, white and cayenne peppers salt


Step 1

Wash the potatoes and leave the skins wet. Rub salt into the skins, prick them all over with a fork and place on the middle shelf of the oven.

Step 2

Turn on the oven to 400°F and bake for about an hour, until the flesh yields and feels soft when pressed.

Step 3

The potatoes can either be served in halves or whole. For halves, split each one lengthwise and make close crisscross cuts in the flesh of each half. Then spread with slices of butter and work the butter and seasonings roughly into the cuts with a knifepoint. Alternatively, make an incision along the length of each potato if they are to be served whole. Open them slightly and put in butter slices along the length, seasoning with the peppers and a pinch of salt.

Cook's Tip Sweet potatoes cook more quickly than ordinary ones, so there is no need to preheat the oven.

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