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food platters.

We always start with the freshest ingredients to create the perfect appetizer platter to the perfect deli, fruit or desserts platter! If you have anything special in mind, simply call us and we’ll do our best to help.

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Perogies & Dip Platter Sample

Perogies & Dip

40 pcs Serves 8-12 $34.99

Golden brown and crispy on the outside, each perogi is stuffed with potato and cheese goodness. Serve it with your favourite dip: Chunky Blue Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke & Asiago or Avocado Hummus.

Mini Rice Balls & Dip Platter Sample

Mini Rice Balls & Dip

40 pcs Serves 8-12 $39.99

A delicious combination of creamy rice, melted cheese and tomato sauce surrounded by a satisfying outer crunch, our mini rice balls are the perfect party food.

Mini Empanadas & Dip Platter Sample

Mini Empanadas & Dip

32 pcs Serves 8-12 $39.99

Our Latin-American style turnovers, stuffed with chicken, beef or spinach & feta, are perfect with our dips: Chunky Blue Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke & Asiago or our recommended flavour, Avocado Hummus.

Flavours of the World Platter Sample

Flavours of the World

Serves 8-10 $39.99

Travel the globe with our international-inspired cheese platter, featuring grana padano, beemster, auricchio and manchego.

Antipasto Perfecto Platter Sample

Antipasto Perfecto

14” Serves 8-12 $49.99

All your favourite Mediterranean flavours are here. Your guests will delight over Genoa salami, sopressata and imported cheeses, plus cherry bocconcini, roasted red peppers and assorted olives. It's all perfectly arranged to create a feast for the eyes!

Flavours of Italy Platter Sample

Flavours of Italy

Serves 8-10 $39.99

Feast on a traditional platter of Italian cold cuts, Genoa salami, pancetta, parma prosciutto, culatello, auricchio, dry olives and dry figs.

Flavours of Paris Platter Sample

Flavours of Paris

Serves 8-10 $39.99

A unique and delicious assortment of French And local cheeses, including double crème brie, chèvre noir and sauvagine.

Flavours of Spain Platter Sample

Flavours of Spain

Serves 8-10 $39.99

Take your guests on a Spanish flavour adventure. Enjoy our platter of manchego cheese, serrano ham, chorizo sausage, almond stuffed olives, grilled eggplant and stuffed cherry peppers

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