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Always Tender and Juicy

Whether you’re in the mood for a succulent chicken breast or classic wings, our in-store butchers will ensure you get the cut that you want. Our large poultry selection is second to none. We’ve got a wide variety of fresh and frozen whole chickens, boneless and skinless cuts, freshly pre-marinated poultry, and an endless selection of thighs, breasts and wings. For meals that are fresh but never the same, drop by our poultry counter and discover a host of options.

Poultry department in Highland Farms
Seasoned fresh chicken breasts
piri piri seasoned chicken drumsticks
seasoned boneless caribbean jerk chicken breasts
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COVID-19 - Announcements

Everyone’s Health and Safety are always at the heart of what we are doing.

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Seniors Shopping Hours

We will be devoting the first hour of operations to those who are at most risk, particularly seniors.

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