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A Cut Above

Our meat counter is legendary. Not only is it fully stocked with an abundant array of butcher-quality meat, our skilled staff ensure you get prime cuts that are weighed and packaged right before your eyes. We carry a full range of Canada Grade AAA beef in a variety of fresh cuts, including ready-to-grill steaks, freshly ground beef, and prime rib roasts. We also have local pork and lamb, gourmet sausages, and pre-marinated meats. Our friendly butchers will give you exactly what you want, and they’ll even share expert cooking tips so you can have the best eating experience possible. All you have to do is ask!

Meat counter with fresh canadian beef, pork and lamb
Fresh beef, pork, sausauges, barbecue skewers and more fresh AAA grade meat in the meat counter
Fresh ground beef, beef steaks, pork chops, pork steaks, and other meats in the meat counter
Seasoned beef steaks  in the meat counter
Close up of seasoned fresh steaks  in the meat counter
seasoned barbecue ready kebabs and skewers
fresh barbecue skewers and kebabs being prepared in the meat counter
freshly seasoned steaks in the meat counter
raw fresh pork ribs, pork roasts, pork loin
Freshly seasoned ground beef steaks in the meat counter
freshly made in-store sausages in the meat counter
Fresh roast beef in the meat counter