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A Variety for Every Taste

From yogurt to milk to cheeses, you can count on us for all your farm-fresh dairy product needs. With a large selection of imported and domestic cheeses, our certified cheese masters can help you choose the best pairings for your event. They’ll even suggest some complementing spreads, nuts, meat and fruit that will be a hit with your guests.

We know there’s a growing demand for alternative dairy products, so customers will be pleased to find an extensive range of non-dairy and organic products in our stores.

Dairy department in Highland Farms
Assorted almond milk cartons, silk original creamy cashew almond milk, Silk unsweetened almond milk, Califa farms almond milk
Assorted organic almond milk, rice dream milk, so nice Organic Almond milk, Almond Breez , so fresh almond milk, so fresh oat milk
Assorted yogurts, yogurt drinks, flavoured yogurt, greek yogurt in the dairy department
Assorted kefir liberte kefir, elwest kefir cartons in dairy section
Assorted greek yogurts, iögo greek yogurt, liberte greek yogurt and more in the dairy department
Assorted cartons of eggs piled up
Assorted farm fresh eggs, organic eggs, brown eggs, white large eggs,egg white, nutri whip, whip cream in the dairy department