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Country Kitchen

Delicious Meals in a Hurry

Sometimes life gets in the way and you have no time to cook. We get it. That’s why at Highland Farms, we carry an amazing array of freshly prepared hot and cold meals for those times when you’re running a little behind. Every day, our talented cooks whip up nutritious and delicious recipes to satisfy your every craving, including chicken, ribs, pasta and so much more. Each dish is ready to eat and comes at an incredibly low price. So next time you’re in a crunch, let us take care of dinner!

Country Kitchen in-store food counter
Salad bar with freshly made chickpea salad, coleslaw and other varieties of salad
Country Kitchen hot plates bar with stir fried vegetables, broccoli salad and hot food
In-store Country Kitchen Chef with fire oven baked pizza
In-store Country Kitchen fire oven baked pizza close up
Salad bar with freshly made varieties of salad with couscous,   quinoa, salad leaves, broccoli and more
Hot plates counter with a variety of freshly made pasta, vegetables, meat kebabs and skewers
Hot plates counter with freshly made Chicken wings, whole chicken roast, ribs, potato wedges, sweet potato fries, garlic bread
Freshly baked in-store panini breads being packed
In-store Country Kitchen Chef with fire oven baked pizzas