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Frozen Entrées & Pastas Section
Frozen Entrées & Pastas Sample Image

Frozen Entrées & Pastas

Made from the freshest and finest ingredients, our selection of entrées is an easy way to serve your family's favourites.

Homestyle Cabbage Rolls Product Shot

Homestyle Cabbage Rolls


Tender cabbage is stuffed with all natural ingredients like seasoned beef and rice. Everything is smothered in rich tomato sauce.

Homestyle Cheese Lasagna Product Shot

Homestyle Cheese Lasagna


This savoury dish is layered with a creamy mix of ricotta cheese, fresh tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella.

Homestyle Lasagna with Meat Sauce Product Shot

Homestyle Lasagna with Meat Sauce


Our Homestyle Lasagna is made from layers of premium quality durum semolina, tangy Parmesan cheese and a zesty meat sauce made from ripe tomatoes and tender beef.

Homestyle Three Cheese Cannelloni Product Shot

Homestyle Three Cheese Cannelloni


This family favourite includes three of the finest cheeses, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan in a base of pure durum semolina, perfectly seasoned with oregano and other spices.

Homestyle Veal Cannelloni Product Shot

Homestyle Veal Cannelloni


Only the freshest, most tender, 100% veal is slow-cooked to bring out all the flavour resulting in a mouthwatering meal for your family.

Four Cheese Ravioli Product Shot

Four Cheese Ravioli

Homestyle Gnocchi Product Shot

Homestyle Gnocchi