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Fresh Beef Eye of Round Roast 
Product of Canada
Red or Golden Delicious Apples
Fancy Grade
General Mills Cheerios 260-500g, 
Pre-sweetened Cereal 330-380g
Selected Varieties
$2.99 each
Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water 10×250ml, San Pellegrino or Perrier 6×500ml  
Selected Varieties
$4.99 each
Danone Yogurt Creamy 16x100g or Activia 12x100g
Assorted Varieties
$5.99 each
Country Kitchen

Great Quality
at Great Prices

Prepared with the finest ingredients from traditional recipes, every delicious Country Kitchen dish is a comforting celebration of life and food.

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Founded in 1963

Our Story

Since opening the first store on Queen Street West in 1963, Highland Farms has become a destination for families and foodies in the Greater Toronto Area. As a family-owned supermarket, we cater to all kinds of tastes and lifestyles and are proud to offer our customers a superior shopping experience every time they step in the store.

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Our Story
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COVID-19 - Announcements

What we are doing to continue to serve you well.

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Seniors Shopping Hours

We will be devoting the first hour of operations every morning to those most vulnerable and those who are at risk, particularly seniors.

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