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Fresh Ontario Store-Made Pork Sausages
Hot or Mild
Assorted Varieties
Fresh Sweet Red Cherries
Product of U.S.A.
California No. 1 Grade, Jumbo Size
McCain Frozen Fries
Straight, Crinkle, Shoestring,
Steak Cut or Hashbrowns
Kimbo Espresso Bar
Extra Cream Coffee Beans
Breyers Family Classic
Frozen Dessert
Assorted Varieties
Country Kitchen

Great Quality
at Great Prices

Prepared with the finest ingredients from traditional recipes, every delicious Country Kitchen dish is a comforting celebration of life and food.

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Founded in 1963

Our Story

Since opening the first store on Queen Street West in 1963, Highland Farms has become a destination for families and foodies in the Greater Toronto Area. As a family-owned supermarket, we cater to all kinds of tastes and lifestyles and are proud to offer our customers a superior shopping experience every time they step in the store.

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Our Story
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COVID-19 - Announcements

Everyone’s Health and Safety are always at the heart of what we are doing.

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Seniors Shopping Hours

We will be devoting the first hour of operations to those who are at most risk, particularly seniors.

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