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Fresh Ontario Chicken Breast
Boneless & Skinless
$3.99/lb [$8.80/kg]
Ontario Homegrown Asparagus
No. 1 Grade
$2.49/lb [$5.49/kg]
Breyers Family Classic
Frozen Dessert
Assorted Varieties
$2.99 for 1.66L
Unico Sunflower Oil
$6.99 for 3L 
Oasis Premium Orange Juice 
Assorted Varieties 
$3.99 for 2.5L
Country Kitchen

Great Quality
at Great Prices

Prepared with the finest ingredients from traditional recipes, every delicious Country Kitchen dish is a comforting celebration of life and food.

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Founded in 1963

Our Story

Since opening the first store on Queen Street West in 1963, Highland Farms has become a destination for families and foodies in the Greater Toronto Area. As a family-owned supermarket, we cater to all kinds of tastes and lifestyles and are proud to offer our customers a superior shopping experience every time they step in the store.

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